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World AIDS Day

World aids day occurs every year on December 1, and this December marked the 25th anniversary of the disease which has claimed 25 million lives worldwide and continues to spread rapidly, particularly on the African continent. The purpose of world aids day is to honor the lives of those who suffered from the disease, and to give support to those who still struggle with the disease. World aids day is also a time to raise awareness about the disease and to inform others on how to prevent contracting the HIV virus. On world aids day, it is common to see the signature red ribbons that symbolize the movement to educate others about hiv and aids and to receive requests for donations from organizations that work with aids patients. World aids day is an important reminder that the battle against this worldwide killer has only just begun.

World aids day occurs on December 1st because it was on December 1 1981 that doctors first realized that the flu-like ailment experienced by five gay men in California was not an ordinary illness. It turned out that the men had aids, and it would take an entire decade before the majority of the North American population would recognize the disease as something that could affect them directly. Many marginalized concerns about aids and claimed that it was only a disease that affected the gay community. Indeed, many gay men died from aids during the 80s when the disease was just being discovered, but there were many others at that time who suffered from the disease. One of the most famous cases was that of Ryan White, a little boy who had contracted aids from a blood transfusion, and whose community in Indiana shunned him when he was initially diagnosed with the ailment. Most of the people where he lived thought that they could catch the disease from Ryan through coming in contact with a drop of his saliva or even having him cough close to him. World aids day, established in 1988 was designed to honor Ryan White and those like him who helped paved the way for understanding about aids and hiv.

There are many events on world aids day which are intended to raise awareness about the disease and how to prevent it. There are many seminars and workshops advising people to avoid risky behaviors, such as promiscuity and sharing needles, that help the spread of the disease. The seminars are also designed to address common misconceptions about hiv and aids. While there are few people who still believe that the disease can be transmitted through coughs, many people have a sense of complacency about the disease, and do not take steps to prevent the disease or they may avoid getting tested. The purpose of world aids day is to make information accessible to everyone and to encourage everyone to have an Hiv test on a regular basis.

There are also many benefit concerts and sporting events on world aids day designed to raise money for aids research. Although there is not yet a cure for the disease, many hope that such efforts will bring needed funds for research to find a cure. Funds are also needed to assist needy people who cannot afford the expensive medications, and many seek donations to help those with aids in Africa.

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