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AIDS - Questions and Answers

1. There are no cases of AIDS suspected of having been transmitted through swimming pools. The disinfectant used in the pools, such as chlorine, kills the AIDS virus.

2. Handling money is not likely to give you AIDS. If you have open cuts or abrasions on your hands you should not handle money as a precaution against catching any germs. With regard to AIDS, there have been no cases diagnosed having been caught through the handling of money.

3. It has been stated by Infectious Disease experts that eating in a restaurant where the cook or waiter has AIDS does not carry a risk to you the customer.

4. Mosquitoes donít transmit AIDS, nor do other insects or rodents.

5. AIDS has not been found to have been transmitted by the use of public facilities such as public toilets, transport, telephones or drinking fountains.

6. There has been cases of AIDS linked with dental care. Your dentist shouldautoclave the instruments which kills the virus.

7. With regard to health care workers, if they follow the safety procedures to minimise the risk of transmission by blood or other body secretions, an infection with the AIDS virus is extremely rare.

8. Is AIDS passed on by kissing? There is not a single case of AIDS been transmitted by the simple act of kissing. Deep intimate kissing associated with bleeding from the mouth may produce a risk factor.

9. Having many sexual partners increase the chances of you encountering a sexual partner infected with AIDS. This is true for both homosexuals and heterosexuals.

10. Both male and female prostitutes are more likely to have come in contact with the AIDS virus and so are a definite risk.

11. Condoms can reduce the risk of catching AIDS but people should not rely on them to protect them from AIDS. Condoms may tear especially if used incorrectly. The use of condoms can help prevent the catching of AIDS so never have intercourse without using a condom.

12. No cases of AIDS have been identified as having been transmitted by a bite.

13. You cannot catch AIDS simply from touching someone with the disease.

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