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HIV Rapid Testing

Hiv rapid testing is a revolutionary way to find out quickly and easily whether or not you or your partner has been infected with HIV. Since the disease was discovered in 1981, 25 million people have died of the disease, making it one of the world's most deadly killers. One of the reasons the disease is so dangerous is that those who are infected with hiv can live for years without knowing that they have the disease and can spread the illness to others through sex or needle sharing. Therefore, it is essential to refrain from risky behaviors and to get tested on a regular basis. Hiv rapid testing takes the wait out of hiv testing and can literally save lives. Many people want to know whether a potential partner is hiv positive or not, and through Hiv rapid testing, a person can screen prospective partners for the virus as well as testing himself or herself on a regular basis. In the past, testing for Hiv meant a getting a blood test and a long wait. Hiv rapid testing is bloodless and fast.

Although hiv is not present in saliva in contagious levels, a swab rubbed in the inside of the mouth can test if hiv antibodies are present in the body. The oral fluid hiv rapid testing was recently approved by the FDA to be used oral fluid and plasma, whereas before the 2004 approval, blood tests were the only available form of Hiv testing. Rather than having blood taken and waiting several days, hiv rapid testing involves a swab of mouth fluid and only a 20 minute wait. The test is 99.3% effective, and is safer for healthcare workers who do not have to handle potentially infected blood. While false results are unlikely with hiv rapid testing, a false positive is more likely than a false negative, although hiv rapid testing is more effective than most pregnancy tests. Although many look forward to the day when rapid hiv testing will be available for home use, like a home pregnancy test, there is still some time before these tests will be approved for home use.

If you have received an unexpected result through hiv rapid testing, it is essential to seek medical treatment immediately and another test to confirm your results. False positives are not unheard of, so it is essential to avoid panicking if you have received a positive result on through hiv rapid testing.

Hiv rapid testing makes it possible for more people to be tested for hiv quickly and conveniently. There may be a time soon when hive rapid testing will be available over the counter to use at home. It is essential to ensure that a potential spouse is tested for HIV, and the quicker test will make things easier. Many lives can be saved through hiv rapid testing, since it takes the wait out of being tested. It is essential that all sexually active adults understand the importance of being tested for hiv, and not to be offended if a partner requests that they take hiv rapid testing. Only one risky behavior can cause one to contract the virus, and it is better to play it safe.

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