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Facts on HIV

After 25 years since the discovery of the disease aids, people are more knowledgeable about the problem than they were in the early 80s when the disease first arrived on the scene. Most people know that there is a difference between being hiv positive and having aids, and that hiv is transmitted through sexual contact and sharing needles and not through saliva or a cough. The more facts on hiv people have, the better, since aids is now one of the deadliest problems in the world and one of the most preventable causes of death. Those who have the facts on hiv are protected from this killer.

One of the most important facts on hiv to comprehend is that hiv, or the human immunodeficiency virus is the virus which causes aids and that being hiv positive is not the same as having full blown aids. Hiv infection is the initial phase, and this phase can last as long as ten years. During this time, a person may or may not experience symptoms, and it is very common that those who are infected with the hiv virus may live for years without knowing that they are infected. This is very dangerous, since in that time that a person does not know that he or she has hiv, it is possible to infect many people. Given these facts on hiv, it is important to get tested often to ensure that you are not infected. Methods of protecting oneself against hiv are not as effective as complete abstinence from sexual contact, something which many people do not find appropriate for their lifestyles. Therefore, getting tested through a rapid hiv test, which does not require drawing blood, but is a 20 minute test which involves swabbing the inside of the mouth should be a routine undertaken several times a year.

Other facts on hiv are necessary to know, such as how the virus works and what symptoms, if any, may become apparent at the onset of infection. Hiv attacks the body’s defenses, particularly the T cells which kill microbes which cause infection and disease. Hiv infection begins this process, which develops into full blown aids once the immune systems is completely impaired. One reason those who are hiv positive can live a relatively long time without developing aids is that there are drugs on the market which slow down this process. While there is not yet a cure for aids, those who are hiv positive need facts on hiv to consult their doctor concerning which medicines they should be taking.

Although many people do not experience symptoms of the virus, facts on hiv indicate that there are some warning signs that hiv infection has taken place. One may have an abrupt illness that feels like the flu and swollen lymph glands. This sickness usually disappears as quickly as it appears. One may notice that he or she gets sick more readily than in the past, and that wounds take longer to heal. Sinus infections may also be more frequent than in the past. Often those who are hiv positive have lesions on the skin . Indications that hiv infection has developed into full blown aids include consistent attacks of diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, fatty deposits, sinus infections, thrush, depression and other complaints. It is necessary to know the facts on hiv and to determine along with a doctor when hiv has developed into aids.

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