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Aids and Drugs

aids . drugs

AIDS can be spread by the use of intravenous drugs and happens if an AIDS carrier shares a needle with another drug user.

The previously used needle punctures the skin, and the AIDS virus can then enter the bloodstream and spread the lethal disease.

It is vital to take measures not to spread AIDS. Knowing that AIDS can be spread by sharing a needle, the drug user has an additional responsibility to society not to endanger other peopleís health.

The use of drugs is not directly related to the transfer of the AIDS virus. However, recreational drugs such as heroin, crack, speed and cocaine which can be administered intravenously, can reduce a personís immune system by breaking down the bodyís normal immune functions.

A drug user faced with the AIDS virus does not have the natural defenses to fight it.

A person under the influence of drugs also is not sober and cannot think objectively or have a great degree of judgment. They will not be able to evaluate risk factors in a situation.

For instance, condoms are effective in preventing the AIDS virus from spreading during sexual activity, however, a condom may be forgotten or placed incorrectly, thus allowing spread of the AIDS virus through contact with body fluids.

By not indulging in recreational drugs a person reduces their chances of contracting the deadly AIDS virus.

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