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Many people want to lose some weight for various reasons, whether it is to fit into that little black dress, look great for a friend's wedding, appeal to the opposite sex, boost self esteem, or for health reasons. There are many different kinds of diets and weight loss supplements available on the market today, so deciding which ones will work best for you can sometimes feel a little bit intimidating. Generally there are a few basic categories of different weight loss supplements. These include carb blockers, thermogenic supplements, thyroid enhancers, appetite suppressants, cortisol blockers, and fat loss supplements. A few years ago, carbohydrates were considered evil and the cause of many people's obesity problems. Scientists developed weight loss supplements that blocked the absorption of carbohydrates once they were ingested into the body. The idea was that by taking these carb blockers, people could eat more carbs and gain less weight. This supplement is still fairly popular on the market today, but not as much so as when the Atkins boom had a hold on the nation. Another type of weight loss supplements is called thermogenic supplements. The concept of thermogenesis is that heat helps to burn fat. The process of thermogenesis includes causing one's internal temperature to rise, which will in turn burn body fat. These kinds of weight loss supplements are still very popular today. Fat loss supplements also fall under this category, but may also contain some other ingredients as well. While many vitamins are generally considered helpful in weight loss, using marketed weight loss supplements has its own special appeal.

The thyroid is a gland in the body that helps to control metabolic function. Thyroid enhancers are designed to help get the thyroid into “high gear”, causing it to work harder, thus increasing the speed of metabolism and burning body fat. An element called cortisol is something that is created naturally within our bodies, and helps to contribute to the problem of belly fat. This element is increased when we feel stress, and it leads to the production of more fat cells in the body, particularly in the stomach area. Cortisol blockers were developed to help stave off and prevent the body's production of cortisol, thus decreasing belly fat and stress levels. Perhaps the most popular of all weight loss supplements are appetite suppressants. These pills are supposed to help us feel more full and less hungry, causing us to eat less. The logical result of eating less is a reduction in weight. Appetite suppressants come in many forms, and some of these may contain stimulants, so it is important to read the label carefully before buying them. Before you take any weight loss supplements, be sure to talk to your doctor and get their advice and approval. This will ensure you are not consuming anything that can be harmful to your health. While weight loss supplements can help enhance your weight loss plan, remember that eating healthy and exercising is also a great way to ensure you lose weight safely and effectively.

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