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The Zone Diet Promotes Healthy Living

The Zone Diet was created by biochemist Barry Sears. It uses a 40:30:30 ratio in which you balance protein and carbohydrates. You should have 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. These are the “zones” in the Zone Diet – the zones should never be too high or too low. The goal of the Zone Diet is to keep a hormonal balance between insulin and glucagon sand.

By maintaining the zones, you can control your insulin, which means increased fat loss. Eating too many carbohydrates can cause your body to produce too much insulin, which converts the carbohydrates to fat. That fat is usually stored in your stomach area, thighs, and buttocks. In addition, by limiting your carbohydrates and balancing them with protein, it will control your hunger even though you are eating a smaller number of calories.

It also decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease. In addition to controlling your insulin level, the Zone Diet also controls your eicosanoids. This help decrease inflammation and increase blood flow.

At any one meal, you should only have an amount of protein that is no bigger than the size and thickness of your palm, which is about 3 ounces for females and 4 ounces for males. You should get the majority of carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits. But, foods that contain starches, including potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta, should be used sparingly. On the Zone Diet, you should try to limit the fats consumed to monounsaturated fats. These types of fat are more heart-healthy.

If you are following the Zone Diet, you should supplement it with high-dose fish oil. Those who follow the Zone Diet lose about 8 to 10 pounds per month. Within the first five days of being on the Zone Diet, many report they feel more energetic and have a decrease in hunger. By the end of the first week, you should have lost four pounds of water weight and body fat.

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