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The Mayo Clinic Diet

Finally ready to take the plunge and to begin to take control of your life? If so, the Mayo clinic diet is great for you. The Mayo Clinic diet was created to aid in successful and long term wight management needs and to focus on creating a healthy mind, body, and sole, not just focusing on the food that you eat. The Mayo Clinic Diet is affective because it is based on research and clinical experience.

When going on the Mayo Clinic Diet, be aware that it is more than a diet for weight loss, it is a diet for your overall health. The Mayo Clinic Diet has a clear and simple goal, which is to help people adopt a long-term lifestyle that can allow them to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for their bodies. The Mayo Clinic Diet contains a food pyramid that helps people adopt a healthy eating style that can last a life time. There are no extremely strict restrictions that people have to follow, and the basis of the Mayo Clinic Diet is to focus on larger amounts of healthy foods that contain a small number of calories such as fruits and vegetables. The rest of the Mayo Clinic diet is composed of moderate amounts of whole-grain carbohydrates, lean proteins like fish and chicken, a small amount of dairy and some heart-healthy unsaturated fats. The Mayo Clinic diet is quite easy to follow because the person doing the diet can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are full of fiber, which often keeps people full. By staying on the Mayo Clinic diet and following the suggested serving sizes on the guidelines, people can average a weight loss of about one to two pounds a week. This is a healthy rate to lose weight and allows the people on the Mayo Clinic diet to live healthy lifestyles while on the diet.

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