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The Jenny Craig Diet

You gained the freshman 15, so what? Well, when the freshman 15 turned into the Senior 30, and the Senior thirty turned into the Grad School 40, a diet is definitely required! Good thing the Jenny Craig Diet is here! If you have owned a TV in the past 3 years, chances are high that you have seen the commercials for the Jenny Craig Diet featuring celebrities such as Valerie Burtinelli, Kirstie Alley, and most recently Queen Latifa.

But what exactly is the Jenny Craig Diet, and what happens when you finally Do call Jenny, like the commercials have been telling you?

The Jenny Craig Diet is a well balanced plan that has seemed to work for many people because it has a well balanced, easy to follow plan, and comes with a one-on-one counseling program and portion-controlled food items, all creating an easy to follow dieting plan.

There are three areas that the Jenny Craig Diet program focuses on: Food, Body, and Mind. The food portion of the Jenny Craig Diet focuses on teaching new clients about nutrition, how to plan and prepare a healthy meal, and how to come up with a plan for eating healthy at restaurants. The body portion of the Jenny Craig Diet focuses on the emphasis of the importance of physical activity and how important working out is to keeping healthy and fit. The third part of the Jenny Craig Diet program is the Mind portion, focusing on encouraging clients to continue their success, surround themselves with supportive people, and stress the importance of positive affirmations when trying to maintain long-term motivation.

The Jenny Craig Diet seems like a great, well-balanced plan that will enable people to feel that this plan can be successful and that they can maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle while staying on the Jenny Craig Diet plan.

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