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A general nutrition center (not to be confused with General Nutrition Centers (GNC) the company) is a place where you can get consultations from nutritionists and other health and fitness experts. Many hospitals, universities and clinics have a general nutrition center where visitors can get information about nutrition for kids, expectant mothers, seniors and other population groups. Some nutrition centers and holistic health centers may retail vitamins and other dietary supplements.

If you are looking for a general nutrition center, or searching for professional help with creating a balanced diet or weight loss plan, look in your local phone book for nutrition centers or nutritionists. You might also check with your family doctor if you are looking for specific intervention. There are many benefits to consulting with a professional nutritionist, who can assist you with developing a nutrition plan tailored to you and also may assist you with a fitness plan.

Look for a general nutrition center that employs both nutritionists and fitness experts. This way you can get a well-balanced plan for nutrition health and fitness. Many people find that they can't determine the right diet for them or that they are lacking certain elements in their diets. A nutritionist will be able to make recommendations based on your individual needs so that you can overcome any obstacles you might be facing.

In some cases, it may be medically necessary to find a nutritionist. People who have certain diseases such as kidney and heart disease or diabetes, may need special guidance where their diet is concerned. In most medical cases, a doctor refers the individual to a hospital-based general nutrition center or service. If you have medical concerns that your diet could affect, ask your doctor for a referral.

If you are trying to create a weight loss plan, you might consider visiting a gym or health spa who employs nutritionists as well as personal trainers. Similarly, if you are an athlete, you might want to consult with a trainer or sports medicine professional about your nutrition needs. Though it is not necessary in all cases to obtain a nutrition consultation, many people benefit from it.

Many people also seek a general nutrition center to purchase holistic, natural products that supplement their diet. Be sure to evaluate all claims and discuss any nutritional supplements you might be interested in trying with a medical professional. The FDA does not regulate many products, and while that does not make them useless, it might mean that there are potential drug interactions that could occur. Always double check with your doctor before you take any type of supplement if you take medication regularly.

If all else fails and you can't find a general nutrition center or holistic health center to suit your needs, ask around at work, the gym, or friends' houses. People are frequently willing to share their experiences with different facilities, retailers, and individuals. In all likelihood, between your own research and your doctor or fitness center's referral, you can find a place that will serve your nutritional needs well.

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