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The Cabbage Soup Diet

Need to lose a few pounds before a big party this weekend? Fear not, the Cabbage Soup Diet is at your rescue! While the cabbage soup diet is not the diet to do for a long term plan, (in fact the cabbage soup diet is quite dangerous long term because of the lack of necessary nutrients that are lacking from the diet) it is often used as a jump start to more stable long term diets. The cabbage soup diet is low calorie, high fiber, that aids in a high weight loss seven day diet.

So this diet seems great right? But their are a few cons related to the cabbage soup diet. One main con is that many people find the cabbage soup too bland. Others often have reported feeling weak, light-headedness, and a decreased sense of concentration. These symptoms of the cabbage soup diet are most likely caused by the lack of calories taken in over the 7 days, although many people have reported that the symptoms are worth the end result.

The cabbage soup diet has been around for decades, most likely, because it works! Anyone who is looking to lose a few pounds fast would probably like to try out this diet.

It is extremely important not to continue the cabbage soup diet past the seven days that is recommended. If the diet does go on longer than planned, serious health risks can occur because of all of the nutrients that are lacking from the diet. It is also speculated that you may not be in the mood for cabbage soup long after your full week off cabbage soup mania. Losing a few extra pounds on the cabbage soup diet may be just what you need to feel confident and secure at your next event.

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