Medical Online is a new World Wide Web Internet site produced in Australia by the Medical Communication Company (a division of the publicly listed Media Entertainment Group) to put both professionals and the general public in contact with a comprehensive array of health-related information and access to major areas of medical interest.

"Medical Information at your Fingertips" is a good way of thinking about it.

Located at the service has received over 6,500 accesses each month since it came online in early 1996.

And after listing on the major Internet search Engines, Medical Online has accumulated a total of 4 commendations from independent Web Analysts. The Medical Online Home page now proudly wears the badges of Point Communications "Top 5%" of Web Sites, "Pirate Pete's Pick of the World Wide Web" , "Ten out of Ten" and "All Campus Media".

The aim, according to founder Dr. Adrian Cohen, was to build a comprehensive database of relevant medical information and to be the first point of call for medical information for members of the public or healthcare professionals.

Medical Online has an easy to use, intuitive interface that allows access to key information quickly.

If the area of interest is not shown, an ONLINE SEARCH ENGINE can be used to look up information.

Interactive ONLINE QUERY FORMS allow the browser to directly access information on specific areas, with personalised and private responses.

And medical goods, services and subscription-based products can also be purchased.

The Index Structure takes the inquirer in a logical sequence to the area of interest, or one can wander through the databases seeking further information.

The most popular categories during the first months have been:
AIDS Information
Cancer Information
Drugs and Drug Abuse
Medical Online's Top 10 Medical Web Sites
Medical Products & Services
Sex Therapy
The Visible Human Project
The Health Yellow Pages

Much of the information contained in Medical Online is intended for general use and is therefore open to the public.

However, there are sections relating to a variety of professional subject areas that remain accessible to only those with a genuine and valid use for such information.

These sections are marked with a LOCK, and proof of medical or appropriate health professional qualifications and other details is required to provide access.

For Health Professionals, an entirely new vista of online services await, providing up-to-the-minute, accurate and interactive details as well as a wealth of specialised services, including
International News updates
AMA and Government News
Pharmaceutical Information
Finance and Leasing
Latest on AIDS & Cancer
Professional Classifieds
Medical Products/Services
Health Department Alerts
Medline Searches
Conference Updates

The Medical Online service and the Medical Communication Company will be officially launched by Mr. Bob Miller, ex-Marketing Manager of Toyota Australia at a function at Sydney's new IMAX theatre on Monday, November 4 from 6 pm.

Further Information: Dr. Adrian COHEN (02) 9955 6688

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