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DATE: 12 November 1995 - FOR: IT/Medical/Science


IMMEDIATE ASSISTANTS has announced the release of the internationally acclaimed VISIBLE HUMAN PROJECT on CD-ROM for the first time in its entirety in Australia. This 5 year project of the National Library of Medicine in the USA began with the death-row wishes of a 39 year old Florida killer to donate his remains to science as penance for his crimes.

The cadaver was dissected in 1 mm slices and the results photographed and reconstructed into Axial, Sagittal and Coronal ("3 Axis") views, producing in excess of 10,000 high resolution photographic images. Over 2,500 Computerised Tomography ("CT") scans and 1,026 Magnetic Resonance Images ("MRI") were also performed to provide a complete 3 dimensional cross-referenced atlas of the human body. The resulting information, totalling a massive 14 GIGABYTES of computer code was then compressed using a proprietary process to produce a 72 MEGABYTE CD-ROM.

The Visible Human CD-ROM comes complete with a specialised NAVIGATOR FUNCTION allowing the viewer to scan segments of the body and compare photographs, CT and MRI images, and the user can easily export images to other computer applications. In addition, an ANIMATION FUNCTION takes the viewer on a journey through regions of the body from 1 to 1,000 mm, affording a realistic picture of the body's tissue in 3 planes. Computer requirements are a 486 IBM-compatible PC with 16 MB RAM and 16 MB hard disk space. Macintosh and UNIX versions are also available.

The cost of the Visible Human CD-ROM is A$970, making it a valuable addition to any anatomical library and a superb reference for teaching. A female equivalent is planned for release in late 1996. For further information or to order your copy, please call the exclusive Australian distributor:

Immediate Assistants
8/26 Parriwi Rd
Mosman NSW 2088
Phone/Fax: (02) 9968 3465

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