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Signs of Drug Abuse

Most people think that it is relatively easy to spot the signs of drug abuse, but the fact is that someone can be abusing drugs for a long period of time and the no one picks up on it. This is particularly true of parents who are often in a state of denial when it comes to their own children. They simply don't want to see the signs of drug abuse. The signs vary with different drugs and become more intense and noticeable as the addiction grows.

There are some signs of drug abuse that are common among most drugs however. From marijuana to the common opiates one of the first signs is a general loss of motivation and concentration. The drug begins to become the center of the user's universe and school work ad jobs begin to suffer. Prolonged use can lead to paranoia and sexual dysfunction. Other signs of drug abuse can include constant drowsiness, mental confusion, insomnia, and agitation. Depression is also a common sign of drug use, especially with some prescription drugs such as Vicodin.

The most important thing to watch for is general changes in behavior patterns, particularly among teenagers. If a young person has been a solid student and suddenly begins bringing home poor grades this can be one of the signs of drug abuse. In addition, this same student may start to skip school, be constantly tardy, and lose interest in extracurricular activities. Some of the same signs occur in the work place with adults. The quality of work and the dedication to the job are some of the first things to be affected

Many of these signs are ignored or even unnoticed by the users so it can be important for friends and family to spot the signs first and if necessary, intervene.

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