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Prescription Drug Abuse

The dangers of the use and abuse of common street drugs is well known and publicized, however the ever growing problem of prescription drug abuse is often overlooked. This is due to the fact that many people remain unaware that many prescription drugs are addictive and can be very dangerous if the recommended dosage is exceeded. In addition, parents often miss the signs of prescription drug abuse in their children who may be stealing drugs right out of the medicine cabinet or getting them from other children.

One of the most common types of prescription drug abuse is the abuse of benzodiazepines. The drugs are used to create a feeling of euphoria, but the effect only lasts for a few hours and therefore the people who become addicted to it take the medication often to keep the high going. The results of the use can be drowsiness, memory loss, and even severe amnesia. Then periods of insomnia will develop with irritability and depression. Seizures and blurred vision can occur and ultimately lead to psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations.

The first thing parents will notice if children are involved in prescription drug abuse is a loss of interest in usual activities, mood swings, and poor grades. The problem of prescription drug abuse must be addressed in the same way as any drug abuse problem. Patients can be treated on an out patient basis, or may require extended in patient treatment in a top rehabilitation facility. Driving under the influence of some prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. You can still get charged with a DUI as well. Columbus DUI lawyer has lawyers that can help you understand the charges against you if you were arrested while under prescription drugs.

The treatment is not just for the symptoms of drug abuse but to try and discover the underlying causes of the abuse. The entire lifestyle of the patient must be looked at and sometimes dramatically altered if a patient is to become a successfully recovering addict. If the signs of abuse are obvious and the abuser refuses to seek help, the intervention by friends and family members may be necessary.

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