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Inpact on Drug Abuse

There are two primary ways to have a positive impact on drug abuse. The first is education because many people still don't understand the devastating consequences that drug abuse has on individuals and the people around them, such as friends or family. To have an impact o drug abuse, adults and particularly children need to know that the so-called “recreational” use of drugs leads to addiction even in those who believe they are always in control. This addiction can then lead to the loss of jobs, failure in school, and the destruction of families. It may also end in severe mental and physical health problems and even death.

In order for education to have a true impact on drug abuse it often needs to come from those who are addicted and can describe the consequences first hand. This type of information makes people realize that the problem is real and can affect anyone. If everyone receives this type of information then there can be a significant reduction in the problem. The second way to have an impact on drug abuse is the treatment of those who have the disease. It is important for people to be aware that it is a disease and that it can be treated.

There is no cure for drug abuse, but with a proper rehabilitation program someone can become a recovering addict. This means the person will ever be “recovered”, but must continue the process of fighting the addiction for life. In order for rehab to have a true impact on drug abuse it must be a comprehensive program that uses either in-patient or out-patient therapy, or a combination of the two to help the addict change the life style that led him or her to become addicted. These two approaches, education and rehab will not eliminate the problem, but can reduce the number of people who become addicted or stay addicted.

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