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Health Effects of Smoking

For many years there has been research on the health effects of smoking and in recent decades the concern has continued to grow. This is because more adverse health effects of smoking are being discovered every day, yet millions of people continue to smoke and young people continue to start smoking in great numbers. For example, most people are aware that smoking causes lung cancer, but many remain unaware of the fact that it is often a contributing factor in the causing of other forms of cancer. People are also often unaware of the major problems that can result to the lungs and heart from smoking.

Young people are often totally oblivious to the adverse health effects of smoking. They succumb to peer pressure to smoke, or in the case of many young girls, think that it can help them lose and control weight. They also tend to believe that they can quit at any time. It's necessary to take an aggressive approach to educating everyone about the health effects of smoking including its addictive qualities. This requires a concerted effort by public health officials, government agencies, and in the case of children, schools and parents.

In addition to being educated about the health effects of smoking, people also need to know that there is help available to help smokers quit. Some people can do it on their own or with the use of aids such as nicotine gum, but most people need some type of help. There are good programs available to help people quit and these should be made known to every one, particularly the young smokers.

It's also important for people to know that if they quit smoking many of the adverse health effects will clear up quickly. This includes shortness of breath, and the early stages of heart ad lung damage. The key is always good information.

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