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Facts About Smoking

One would think that everyone in the world is aware of the facts about smoking since there is constant discussion about the adverse health consequences. However, millions of people continue to smoke and children are getting into the dangerous habit at ever younger ages. The conclusion must be reached that just a bare reciting of the facts about smoking is not enough. There needs to be a more aggressive approach taken.

Some of this is already being done by local communities that are not ignoring the facts about smoking, but are taking action to limit smoking in buildings where people can be exposed to second hand smoke. However, this has very little impact on young people who don't frequent restaurants and bars on a regular basis and can easily step into a mall paring lot for a quick cigarette. Young people need to be constantly informed of the facts about smoking and these reminders need to come from multiple sources. Parents are the most important source and have the most impact, but teachers, school counselors and others can also be helpful.

The facts about smoking must include information not only about the dangerous health effects of smoking, but also about the addictive qualities of cigarettes. If people are aware that it is an addiction they can also be made aware that there are effective ways available to help them quit. Like any addiction quitting smoking can seldom be done without assistance and while nicotine gum may be of some help, some form of therapy is often the answer. A good out-patient rehab program directed at smokers can often be particularly beneficial.

Everyone is susceptible to being addicted to nicotine but the more often they are informed of the facts, the more chance they have of quitting or never starting in the first place.

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