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Effects of Smoking

While there has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about the effects of smoking it appears that many people still aren't getting the message. This is particularly true of young people who are starting to smoke often in elementary school. In fact many children actually believe that the effects of smoking can be beneficial. A recent study shows that many girls start smoking because of their obsession with their weight. They believe that smoking is an effective way to lose and control weight and as a result ignore the possible adverse effects.

Young people also ignore the harmful effects of smoking because of peer pressure. They want to be “cool” and fit in with the crowd and thus fall prey to the idea that smoking can actually be beneficial. This just stresses the importance of constantly reminding everyone of the adverse effects of smoking. Parents can have the most influence on children and this influence starts from the time they are very young. Parents should begin talking to children about smoking almost as soon as they are old enough to understand. Eve the youngest of children have seen adults smoke and they instinctively think its something that they want to try.

Teachers and school counselors can also be important in educating students about the adverse effects of smoking. There must be a combination of almost constant bombardment of information from different sources in order for it to be effective. The same can be true of adults who need to be reminded that smoking can cause major health problems and that there are effective methods that can be used to help them quit. It is not enough to just mention that smoking is dangerous. The points must be emphasized repeatedly through numerous sources in order to have a real impact.

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