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Drug Abuse Stories

There are many drug abuse stories told by people who have suffered from the devastating impact of drug abuse. Some of the stories end well, with the abuser getting treatment and becoming a recovering addict, while others end in the ultimate tragedy. Some drug abuse stories reveal how devastating drug abuse can be to both the user and friends and family members. Many times if the abuse goes untreated or the treatment fails, the abusers lose everything including their life in some cases.

Most people don't want to hear these drug abuse stories because they are depressing and many people believe that it can't happen to them. The use of drugs for so-called “recreational” purposes is common and no one starts out using drugs with the goal of becoming an addict. Instead they believe that they are in control and will never become addicted. They often find out they are wrong when it is much too late. In addition, parents often ignore the initial signs of drug abuse in their children because they don't want to believe it can happen in their family.

This is why drug abuse stories can be so important. People who hear these stories from someone who they can identify with are much more likely to take them seriously. They can learn from someone who has been there how easy it is to slip into addiction and the type of consequences that are suffered. They can also learn from drug abuse stories how the disease is treatable. If people recognize that drug abuse is a disease and can b e successfully treated by a good rehabilitation program, then they know there is hope. This can often help someone confront his or her own condition, or be willing to intervene to help a family member or friend.

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