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California Drug Rehab Center

If you are looking for an excellent California drug rehab center to help you or a loved one recover from addiction then the Pat Moore Foundation is a great place to consider for your needs. This California drug rehab center has unique treatment programs to offer you in the effort to help you get back on your feet and on your way to recovery from addiction. Their programs are inpatient programs that are made to help every individual in specific ways that they need. This facility offers programs for both men and women, with programs specifically designed to cater to both genders.

The main goal of this California drug rehab center is to help people learn to live a life that does not revolve around drug addiction. They offer both a one month program and a two month program to help those dealing with addiction. A variety of different approaches are used as well to help patients recover fully. Some of these approaches include group meetings, participating in 12-step programs, spiritual meetings, and daily schedules with activities to participate in. Residents also have special case workers that work with them to create a plan that will help them beat addiction. An added bonus is the fellowship with other people going through the same process and it often helps residents to be with people who understand the struggles they are going through.

Since this program is an inpatient program this California drug rehab center can provide their residents with special care around the clock. This is important because many times they may suffer from physical problems that occur due to detoxification. No matter what their needs may be, whether they are physical or emotional, there are always staff members available to see to their individual needs no matter what time of the day or night it is. This California drug rehab center works hard to help their residents fully recover from their addiction so they can resume their lives as a changed person.

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