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How to Stop Smoking

To stop smoking you have to either do it on your own or get help. In Australia and in America, over 80% of people who stop smoking do it without assistance. In other words, if your are looking for a way to stop smoking, it might be right there in your own psychological make-up.

Smokers, by the very nature of their addiction may find it very difficult to stop even though they are determined to do so.

Help in stopping smoking consists of organised programs which include instruction in all the aspects of smoking, counselling as to why you start, why you continue and the consequences of continuing with the habit. Withdrawal clinics are popular with supervised modification of your behavioural pattern. Hypnosis can be used, adversive conditioning and finally drug therapy is included in the organised programs offered to you in your attempts to quit smoking.

With organised programs it is the three month period after quitting that is important. Relapses occur during this period and follow up supervision of the non- smoking state during this critical period is important.

No matter what method you use, a calm approach to the problem appears to be the answer. Hostility to the habit or to the efforts being made to stop smoking does not help.

Hypnosis can help in achieving calmness. It should not be used to command you to stop or to excite hostility to the smoking habit. It should be used more as a calming contribution to the whole problem of smoking and the desire to stop which must be genuine.

Nicotine chewing gum can be a help and will succeed in a person suited to this type of treatment. Medical supervision is essential and regular follow-ups are necessary to adjust the dosage and supervise any withdrawal effects.

In recent years, the Nicotine Replacement Therapy patch has helped replace the nicotine in the blood (the physical addiction) whilst the behaviours associated with smoking (psychological components) are addressed.

Finally, if your have decided to stop smoking, either abruptly or gradually, it is of the utmost importance to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is important, regular eating and sleeping patterns should be developed, stress in business should be countered by a calmer approach. If necessary regular counselling to achieve and maintain this calm might have to be considered.

For information on the various ways to give up smoking talk to your doctor, or contact Quit for Life, the National Heart Foundation or the Cancer Council in your State.

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