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Teenage pregnancy is something that many teens and their parents have had to deal with and it is not a new problem. There is a variety of reasons that teenage pregnancies occur and one of the biggest is the nonuse of contraception among teenagers. Many teenagers say that they never use any form of contraception while having intercourse and about 62% of those who do not end up dealing with teenage pregnancy. It is important that measures are taken to inform teens so that teenage pregnancy can be prevented.

One reason that many teens are not using contraception is because they are not properly informed about their body and how contraception works. Many teenagers actually believe that they cannot become pregnant and so they forgo using contraception. Usually they think that they cannot get pregnant at a certain time of the month, but often calculations are off and they end up pregnant anyway. It is important that teenagers realize that contraception is always needed, no matter if you think you can get pregnant at that time or not. Other teens do not use contraception because they have nowhere to get it, so they just do without, which often results in teenage pregnancy.

If you are a parent it may be hard to talk with your children about contraception, but it is a conversation you need to have. Failing to have this discussion with your child may result in your family dealing with teenage pregnancy. It is important that you let your child know how their bodies work and how contraception works as well. It is of course the choice of the parent to decide whether they choose to teach their children about abstinence or contraception. If you choose to teach your children about abstinence, be sure that you still let your children know how contraception works. Just because you want your children to abstain from intercourse does not mean they will and you will want them to understand what contraception is and how it works. Many teenagers have been surveyed and a large percentage has stated that their parents never talked to them about sex and contraception, so be sure that you take the time and put aside embarrassment to have this conversation.

There are clinics that do make contraceptives available to teenagers and you may want to consider taking your child to one of these clinics. Often these clinics teach classes on sex education and teach teenagers how to properly use contraception. They also provide methods of contraception to teenagers as well. It is important that the education they receive be realistic instead of assuming what your child will or will not do.

Teenage pregnancy can be very difficult for a teenager and on their family and it is important that you work to lower the risk of this problem in your child. Take the time to approach these issues before the issues approach you. Taking the time to talk with your teenager may save you many times of heartache in the future.

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