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C O N T R A C E P T I O N  A N D  P R E G N A N C Y


Pregnancy can be a mystifying time for any woman, whether it is her first pregnancy or whether she has been through it many times before. Your body changes is unusual ways and does strange things that may make you wonder just what is happening inside you. Most pregnancy symptoms are a direct result of changes in hormone levels and the development of the baby in your womb. Each trimester brings many changes to both the developing baby and to your body, and understanding these changes will make your pregnancy much more enjoyable.

During the first trimester, your baby is growing at a tremendous rate. During this twelve-week period, the baby goes from being two separate, tiny cells to being about three inches or so long with many of its organs developed and functioning. Understandably, this will have a profound effect on the body of the mother. High levels of hormones can cause many symptoms from nausea and food aversion to extreme fatigue and even near exhaustion. Early stages of pregnancy can be very hard on some women due to these symptoms.  All this growth and development inside of you will sap your strength, so eating properly and taking a pregnancy multivitamin will help your body be better prepared for all of these changes.

During the second trimester, or the middle stages of pregnancy, the baby continues to grow rapidly and refines its body functions to get ready to enter the world. By the end of this trimester, the baby will weigh approximately two and a half to three pounds and be about fourteen inches long. About halfway through this stage, you may be able to determine the sex of the baby through ultrasound. By the end of this time period, your baby will have a good chance of survival with intensive medical care if it were to be born early. Your body will have obvious signs of pregnancy, as your belly has expanded to make extra room for the baby. Many of the early signs will ease off during this trimester as your hormone levels may have eased off, causing less nausea and you may find you have much more energy. Enjoy it while you can and begin preparing for the impending arrival.

The last trimester sometimes seems like the longest. This last of the stages of pregnancy is a time for organ finalization and for the baby to grow strong enough to survive on its own after birth. The final weight of the baby can vary greatly, but usually averages about seven pounds and twenty inches long. You may find yourself achy and exhausted from carrying the extra weight and your feet and hands may swell. Be sure to report any physical issues to your doctor to be certain there are not underlying medical issues causing your problems. Your baby will arrive soon and the physical effects of pregnancy will be soon forgotten.

Once you have traveled through all of the stages of pregnancy, you will begin a brand new chapter in your life as a mother. Though the journey may seem long and hard, enjoy it as much as you can. All of the aches, pains, and ill effects will be well worth the struggle. The amazing growth and development of a baby within just a few months is one of the greatest miracles of motherhood.

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