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Pregnancy can be the most important time in a woman’s life.  Unfortunately, as much as modern science as advanced, pregnancy is still a bit mysterious.  It is almost impossible to tell the minute you conceive and occasionally, even home pregnancy tests are unreliable.  But, if you are trying to conceive, there are some signs you can look for to indicate that you are pregnant.  These are not foolproof – they could be caused by other things, but it might give you a small indication as to if you are pregnant or not.  If you notice any of these symptoms, take a home pregnancy test.  If it shows up positive, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Starting prenatal care as soon as possible can help you have a healthy baby.

Signs of pregnancy:

1.  A missed period
As with other signs of pregnancy, this one is not a true indicator of pregnancy.  A woman can miss a menstrual period for several reasons, but if your periods have been regular and you miss one, chances are good that you are pregnant.

2.  Tender breasts
Tender, swollen breasts often occur in early pregnancy.  You may suffer from tender breasts right before your menstrual period, but your breasts will not become enlarged.  If your breasts are achy, swollen, and have a tingling sensation, you may be pregnant.

3.  Nausea or Morning Sickness
One of the signs of pregnancy that comes to most people’s minds immediately is morning sickness.  You see it as a sure sign of pregnancy on television shows, but remember – it could be something else like food poisoning or the stomach flu.  Many women have reported that they suffer morning sickness up to two weeks before missing their periods or experiencing any other signs of pregnancy.  If you feel nauseous, try eating some saltine crackers first thing in the morning to help calm your stomach.

4.  Fatigue
Fatigue can be one of the early signs of pregnancy.  Again, this can be cause by other factors, but if combined with other symptoms, it may be an indicator of pregnancy.  When pregnant, your body is experiencing many changes and needs more rest, so if you think you are pregnant, try to find time to nap each day.

5.  Frequent Urination
During the first 6 to 8 weeks of conception, many women will find they have to urinate frequently.  This is something that usually occurs throughout the pregnancy, especially as the baby grows and puts pressure on the abdomen.

6.  Headaches
Many women associate headaches with premenstrual symptoms, but headache can also be one of the signs of pregnancy.  Headaches usually begin about the sixth week of conception and often napping can help relieve them.

7.  Spotting Blood
It is not unusual to have what may seem like a light period even if you are pregnant.  This may be implantation bleeding rather than menstrual bleeding, so even if you seem to experience a “period,” you may still want to take a home pregnancy test if it is not to the extent that you normally experience.

Pregnancies are truly blessed events, but remember that early detection is important so you can start taking care of the baby – and yourself - as soon as possible.  If you experience any combination of these symptoms, you may want to take a home pregnancy test to see if you are actually pregnant.

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