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Your period is well past due, and you’ve seen the positive result of the pregnancy test. You might be feeling sick and tired or just nervous and excited. You’ve called the doctor for your first appointment, but you just can’t wait another minute to find out how long it will be before your baby is to arrive. Though the best, most accurate answer will come from a medical professional, you can approximate your due date before that first visit to give yourself a general idea of when your family will gain its new member. This can be done by using a pregnancy due date calculator. Once you know just what this is and how it works, you can easily estimate your due date.

A pregnancy due date calculator is a tool that is similar to the one used by doctors.  It will estimate the due date of a pregnancy by using a couple of different factors. Depending on how well you know your body’s cycles, this can be a tremendously accurate instrument. Most women’s pregnancies are approximately 266 days long. Generally, the time from the last period to actual conception is 14 days. Using these simple calculations, you can find out your own due date by doing a little simple math, using general information about your own cycles. This is just an estimate and should be confirmed by a doctor.

To use a pregnancy due date calendar to predict your due date from your last menstrual period is the easiest and most accurate formula. This is the way most doctors calculate a due date without an ultrasound. You just add 280 days to the date of your last period and that will be your estimated due date. It is as simple as that, no complex math involved. Keep in mind that this date may change by days or even weeks once you visit the doctor, as a thorough physical exam may discover that you have been pregnant longer than you were aware.

Another easy way to use a pregnancy due date calculator is by the actual date of conception. If you can pinpoint the day during ovulation in which you had sexual contact, you can add 266 to that date to get a fairly reliable due date. These will only works only of you know your own body’s ovulation schedule and the exact dates you have had sex. If your personal calendar is correct, this is also quite effective. Again, this is an estimate that needs professional confirmation.

Though you cannot make your own medical diagnosis, a pregnancy due date calculator can be a fun way to get a general idea of just how pregnant you are. Once you have a doctors confirmation, wither through a physical exam or ultrasound, you can see just how accurate your estimates and calculations were. Whether you were right or wrong, you will soon have a confirmed answer as to when you can expect your new arrival. Enjoy as many aspects of your pregnancy as you can and have fun will all the guessing and estimating.

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