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It is estimated that out of every 50 pregnancies, one is an ectopic pregnancy. Many times these types of pregnancies are known as tubal pregnancies, since often they occur in the fallopian tubes. An ectopic pregnancy can actually include a pregnancy when the egg is implanted somewhere else other than the uterus. Usually this occurs in the fallopian tubes but sometimes implantation can occur in the cervix, ovary, or even in the abdomen. This type of pregnancy can be very dangerous and if they are not caught in time they can lead to internal bleeding, and in extreme cases, even death. It is important that women understand the dangers of an ectopic pregnancy and the symptoms that may warn them early that they are suffering from this condition.

Usually ectopic pregnancies are caught before they reach a life-threatening stage. Most women usually develop a variety of symptoms that lead to the discovery of the pregnancy. It is important that you are familiar with these symptoms so you can be aware of what is going on in your body. One symptom that can clue you in may be abdominal pain that is on one side of your body. Sometimes it may be sharp and severe, or it may be dull and constant, but this is a warning sign and you should let your doctor know. Spotting or bleeding from your vagina may be another sign to watch out for, as well as pain that is made worse by bouts of coughing. Pain in your shoulder may also be a symptom and can be a sign that you have a ruptured fallopian tube. It is important that you get treatment right away to avoid shock and extreme blood loss that can lead to death.

While an ectopic pregnancy has the potential to be a serious situation there are many treatments available to help you. It is helpful if your ectopic pregnancy is discovered early on because more treatment options are available. One treatment that may be used in the early stages is a dose of the drug methotrexate, which will terminate your pregnancy by keeping the placenta from growing. This method is not invasive at all, and usually the embryo will be absorbed into your body.

Other more invasive treatments for this condition may require either laparoscopic surgery or abdominal surgery. At times you may be too advanced to use the methotrexate treatment so they may have to resort to methods that are quicker. Often the embryo can be removed by laparoscopic surgery, which only requires a small cut in the abdomen. If there is too much damage and bleeding, or the embryo is too big, the doctor may have to perform abdominal surgery. Having an abdominal surgery can lead to about 6 weeks of recovery time, so it is much better to see your doctor if you have any symptoms at all, before they get bad.

Ectopic pregnancy can be very scary, but knowing the facts can help you spot a problem early on in the pregnancy before it becomes life threatening. Remember to report and problems to your doctor right away and remember that there are effective treatments available if you do have this type of a pregnancy.

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