Sleep Insomnia

B A B Y  A N D  C H I L D

Your Baby Wont Sleep.

Dummies or comforters can play a part in settling your baby down at night. If the infant is commencing to suck its thumb, then indicating hunger it may indicate a need for the comfort and security usually obtained from a mothers breast. In this case try using a comforter. In a well settled baby it will fall out as a deep sleep appears and the baby will sleep on. In childhood it is much easier to break the habit of a dummy than to stop the child from sucking its thumb. Maybe there will be no need for either.

Should you bring the baby in to bed with you? In extreme cases where nobody in the household is getting any sleep this may be necessary. Make sure your baby is secure and not likely to be hurt should the adults roll in bed. Generally the mother will be alert to any movement in bed and secure the child should she or the father become restless. It will be hard to get your child back into the habit of sleeping on its own. However, with perseverance eventually your child will get into the habit of sleeping alone, with little forays back into the parents bed occasionally.

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