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Your Baby Won’t Sleep

Insomnia or inability to sleep can be a problem right throughout life. In the case of your new born infant it can almost seem to be catastrophic.

Important points to remember are :

  1. Your baby was protected in a perfect environment in your womb before birth. It was comfortable, felt safe, was fed regularly through the placenta and except for the kicking as it stretched its little limbs, life for the unborn infant was serene with few, if any, worrying influences.

  2. Your baby develop has a personality of its own which starts to develop immediately after it is born, if not before. Generally this personality will be in keeping with characteristics inherited from both parents. If you get annoyed when hungry, then the baby may too. If noise, clumsiness and all of the other unpleasant traits of society annoy you as an adult, then maybe your baby will be just as annoyed as it lies in its bassinet trying to come to grips with its new environment. If you are insecure in your own company and need the companionship of people, then maybe your baby also will have to bear with and perhaps overcome this trait as it progresses through life.

    You should realise that there is no set answer to the problem of restlessness and insomnia in your new born infant. You might have the perfect child who sleeps from the last feed at night right through to dawn, and then again you might not. A lot depends on how you present yourself to the infant.

    Your baby is quick to learn. Concern shown by you will register in the mind of the child. With your first child everything is new and may cause concern for the family and so the baby is concerned too. The second and third babies are often of no concern because you are now experienced and the learning process is over. The child is more serene because it senses that it is in a more settled household with the familiar noises of a brother or a sister in close proximity. It comes to understand noises during the day and peace at night and will often respond by sleeping itself.

    Allow your new born baby to sleep during the day in the presence of average household noises. Feed it when it indicates it is hungry. Keep it dry and comfortable and give it attention during the waking hours, particularly during the feeding and bathing routines. At night, make sure your baby is comfortable and well fed before it settles. Hopefully, during the night it will only require a feed and a tucking in quickly done without fuss in order to maintain in it the secure and comfortable feeling that we all want during the night. In general feeding on demand leads to a better nights sleep for all. Rather than feed your baby before you retire, it may only be necessary to gently and quickly check on the state of the baby’s napkin and a quick change will make sure that it is dry and comfortable for most of the remaining hours until morning.

    Babies do cry in a demand for attention just as you and I do if we feel left out. When first put down at night, a baby will perhaps show a little obstinacy and cry. Wait, and often after a period it will settle. You know it is well fed. Perhaps you did not burp the baby and get the wind up? If it is dry and warm and comfortably placed in the bassinet, then be patient. Hopefully the infant will learn to sleep in spite of its usual protestations when put down.

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