Heat exhaustion

B A B Y  A N D  C H I L D

Heat Exhaustion in Children

Heat exhaustion occurs when the child is left unattended in a car exposed to the hot Australian sun or in any other overheated environment for what may only be a short period of time.

However, serious degrees of heat exhaustion can occur and put the childís life at risk even if the heat exposure does not seem extreme.

Weakness, nausea and vomiting are the danger signs. If old enough to talk the child will complain of headache, and may become confused.

The onset of heat exhaustion can be sudden. The child will become cold and pale, and start sweating profusely. There is a danger of heart failure.

If the child has been exposed to extreme heat, tight clothing should be loosened, the legs should be elevated slightly and gently massaged, fluids administered and a doctor should be called. If signs and symptoms are extreme or if the child is not responding to simple measures of treatment take the child to hospital.

In hot conditions attention should be paid to clothing which should be loose and comfortable. Natural fibre which can breath such as cotton is more suitable than synthetics.

If a child is exposed to extreme heat then regular cool baths are essential. If this is not possible then cool sponging and even fanning in order to maintain a flow of air over the skinís surfaces will be necessary.

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