Baby Fever

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Fever in Infants

A high temperature in a baby can be a very worrying time for the parents. Unfortunately it always seems to appear or get worse during the night time. Fortunately a high fever is not always associated with a dangerous medical condition. However, if the temperature stays up or keeps reappearing, then a doctor should be consulted.

The cause of some fevers in babies, even after thorough investigation remain unknown. Some herald the onset of a teething problem or a minor infection. Some are associated with routine immunisations during childhood and then you have the more serious conditions which only your doctor will be able to diagnose.

Fever ordinarily does little harm and actually helps in the baby’s defense mechanisms against disease. There are occasions however when it is more serious and every effort should be made to lower the temperature.

If your baby is suffering from convulsions associated with a high fever, then the emergency treatment is to immerse the child in a bath of tepid water. Dry thoroughly and make the child as comfortable as possible until you obtain medical attention. If it is a question of reducing the fever without the appearance of convulsions, then it may only be necessary to sponge the body with cool water or apply cool compresses to the skin and forehead. Again dry thoroughly.

Aspirin should not be given to children or infants under 12. Medication containing paracetamol can be given to help relieve the fever and discomfort.

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