Dyslexia Symptoms

B A B Y  A N D  C H I L D


Dyslexia is a reading disorder in which the reading level is two grades or more below what is expected for the particular age, and which cannot be explained by lack of intelligence, motivation or poor opportunity for proper instruction.

In other words the child is backwards in reading in spite of being given the usual opportunity to learn and to all appearances is a normal intelligent healthy child who is doing his or her best to learn to read.

Often it is associated with a difficulty in pronouncing words and spelling

Boys suffer from dyslexia more than girls.

The cause of dyslexia is not known. It is thought to be genetic, that is an inherited disorder involving the brain. Colour perception is said to be a factor and the prescribing of special glasses in some cases has been of help.

Once dyslexia is suspected then a full medical investigation should be performed preferably by a specialised dyslexia unit or centre through a referral from your local doctor.

Remedial treatment is necessary preferably through a sympathetic and experienced teacher. Parents with their patience and love can often help. Long learning sessions are not good but short sessions, even in the home can make a big difference.

The child should be encouraged and an attempt made to explain the situation. If no effort is made then the children lose confidence in themselves and their whole approach to school suffers.

Dyslexic children often excel in mathematics and science where reading skills are not as necessary.

Support groups are available in each state and can be contacted through your local telephone directory.

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