Croup Cough

B A B Y  A N D  C H I L D


Croup is characterised by noisy breathing and a barking type cough. It is usually seen in children aged under three.

The cause of croup is thought to be a virus, although on examining the child it may be difficult to see signs of inflammation.

It generally comes on during the night and the child awakens with a barking, hoarse cough and marked noisy breathing on respiration. It recurs for several nights and then gradually subsides. To obtain relief take the child into an enclosed bathroom and run a hot shower. The steam may bring relief in a matter of minutes.

There is a more severe type of croup which is accompanied by visible inflammation of the throat. A mild fever is present and the infection, which is caused by a virus can spread down to the lungs producing a definite wheeze as well as throat symptoms.

Croup can develop into a dangerous situation, so it is wise to call a doctor straight away. Without treatment the disease may progress so that breathing is very difficult and treatment in hospital is required.

Sometimes croup or wheezy bronchitis is the first sign of asthma - but most children get better promptly and do not have any complications.

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