Prostate Cancer Symptoms

C A N C E R   I N F O R M A T I O N

Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate is the second most common cancer occurring in men. It generally appears after the age of 50 and its incidence increases with age.

Early cancer of the prostate can be free of symptoms.

In the case of the male aged over 40 it is sensible to have a yearly rectal examination by your doctor.

If this is not done, then cancer of the prostate may only become apparent when the cancer is established and symptoms have appeared. These can include a slowing down of the flow of urine with frequent passing of urine day and night, painful urination and signs of blood in the urine.

Established cancer of the prostate which has spread to bone can be the cause of low backache and bone pain in the pelvis. In older patient, symptoms from cancer of the prostate can mimic symptoms of degenerative muscular and bone conditions, which may be associated with weight loss, recurring fevers, loss of appetite and itching of the skin. Spread to bone can be the cause of sudden unexplained fractures due to the simplest of movements.

Early prostate cancer can be confirmed by fine needle biopsy where a minute piece of the suspected cancer is obtained for examination. Later stages can be diagnosed by blood tests, and a rectal examination.

The diagnosis may be confirmed by needle biopsy. X-rays of the bladder and of bone, may be done to determine whether the cancer may have spread. Other methods of investigation include CT scanning and magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment can include removal of the prostate in suitable cases, surgical excision of both testes, radiation therapy and hormonal treatment.

Removal of the prostate is often performed through the Urethra.

In some cases, particularly in the elderly, treatment may not be necessary as prostate cancer can be very slow growing. Often the patient will eventually die of other causes and carry the prostate cancer to the grave.

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