Cancer prevention

C A N C E R   I N F O R M A T I O N

Cancer Prevention

At present early diagnosis and appropriate surgical treatment are the most important methods of reducing death from cancer. However, a number of cancers have known or precipitating causes which can be reduce or avoided.

In Australia the most important of these are skin and lung cancer which are directly related to sun exposure and cigarette smoking respectively. The key to preventing skin cancer is limiting sun exposure, especially during the middle of the day, using a broad spectrum, waterproof sunscreen with an SPF (Skin Protection Factor) od 15+ and remembering to re-apply frequently, especially if swimmin, towelling off etc. Also follow the "SLIP, SLOP SLAP & WRAP" message: SLIP on a (long sleeved) shirt, SLOP on some sunscreeen, SLAP on a (broad-brimmed) hat and WRAP on a pair of (wrap around) sunglasses.

The more you smoke the more likely your are to develop lung cancer. People who stop smoking reduce their risk of developing lung cancer. There is increasing evidence that being exposed to other peopleís smoke may increase your risk of lung cancer through Passive Smoking.

The other main preventable cancer is Bowel Cancer. Early detection means checking out the toilet bowel for altered blood, dark or cherry-red rather than bright red. Don't put blue or green colouring in the toilet bowl as it may obscure blood, and remember to "look behind you!!"

Many cancers are preventable - talk to your doctor or seek advice from the Cancer Council.

If you think you have a cancer donít delay - early treatment gives the best results - see your doctor today.

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