Cancer of the Mouth - Oral Cancer


Cancer of the Mouth.

Mouth cancer or oral cancer usually occurs in people aged over 45. It appears twice as often in men as in the woman. The lips and tongue appear to be the most frequent sites. The cause of oral cancer is not known.

It appears to be associated with heavy smoking, especially pipes and cigars, excessive alcohol intake, poor oral hygiene including badly fitting dentures and exposure to sun in the case of the lips.

The use of smokeless tobacco, which is chewed, has led to an increase of cancer of the mouth in America. An early cancer may appear as a thickened white patch, a painful ulcer, a small blood blister or swelling. Simple damage to the mouth whilst chewing food or talking can mimic these signs.

If any damage to the mouth including the lips persists beyond a reasonable time without healing, then your doctor should be consulted. Treatment consists of surgery and radiation either alone or in combination.

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