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Breast Cancer Information

The most important breast cancer information that you can receive is that if you find a lump in one of your breasts and it turns out be cancer, if you get treatment early enough you can prevent it from spreading. This is hopeful breast cancer info. What is even more hopeful and promising is that the current breast cancer info tells us that the death rates from this type of cancer are slowly declining.

If you are the mother of a girl you should educate her on breast cancer info as soon as she hits puberty. This is when she should be given breast cancer info and taught how to do her own breast self exams so she can get into the habit of doing them monthly. It is important that women know the symptoms of breast cancer – even very young women.

Only by knowing what to watch for can women truly protect themselves. Every woman should be equipped with breast cancer info and age should not be a factor. If a female is old enough to menstruate she is old enough to monitor her breast health.

Another important breast cancer info tip that women should know is that very early breast cancer may have no obvious symptoms and it can be virtually pain free. Breast cancer symptoms usually only arise if the cancer is not detected and it is allowed to progress.

Since early breast cancer symptoms can be virtually non existent, self breast examinations are crucial, as well as being informed about pertinent breast cancer info. Females should know the feeling of their own breasts so they can detect if there is anything abnormal going on in their breasts.  Any type of lump or knot in the breast area or arm pit should be noted and a female should visit her doctor for testing. Luckily, mammography can detect changes in the breasts and lumps before they can even be felt. It is important that women get routine mammograms.   

One of the first breast cancer symptoms that women report is finding a lump in their breast. The lump is usually painless. Other breast cancer symptoms include:

  • A breast that changes in shape or size
  • The breast starts to dimple
  • The breast tissue starts to thicken
  • A nipple may turn in or become inverted
  • The nipple may start to thicken due to a lump behind the nipple
  • The nipple may develop a rash.
  • Discharge from the nipple
  • Lumps or swelling in the armpits


Many people are surprised to learn that pain is generally not a symptom of breast cancer. This is important breast cancer info because many women experience the tenderness and soreness in their breasts prior to menstruation. So, they just assume that since the female breast is sensitive that if a lump were present they would be experiencing pain. This is not true. However, it should be noted that it is possible to have a painful lump in the breast, though that is generally not the case.

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