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Breast Cancer Awareness

Millions of women are affected by breast cancer each and every year in the United States alone. While the disease has a high survival rate, detecting and treating the disease early on is the key to surviving it. Breast cancer awareness has become a very common term these days, as more and more women are realizing the importance of getting tested early. There are many different things women can do to help protect themselves against this horrific disease. Self breast examinations are one of the most effective ways that women can be sure they are cancer free. The process is very easy and can be done in the shower. There are even cards that women can get to hang in their showers, illustrating how to perform a self examination. Many women who have discovered they have breast cancer found out through performing a self exam, so this is a very important element in breast cancer awareness. The ease and accessibility of mammograms is another very important part of breast cancer awareness. Mammograms are a type of medical test performed by a doctor that can help to look for breast cancer. Most insurance companies cover mammograms, and also local clinics will perform them at certain times during the year for a small fee or free of charge. Every woman over the age of 18 years old should have an annual mammogram to help detect possible breast cancer. Family history should also be considered, so find out what yours is as well.

There are many wonderful organizations whose purpose is to help heighten breast cancer awareness. Some of these organizations include the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Society to name a few. There are many things women can do to help prevent breast cancer, and education is certainly the key to helping prevent it. Diet and exercise, along with not smoking, are some very important elements of preventing breast cancer. Women who smoke are much more likely to get breast cancer during their lifetime than women who do not smoke. It is also important to note that men can also get breast cancer. This is a little known fact that is very important for millions of people to know. Breast cancer awareness educational programs are also a very effective tool in helping to make people more aware of the dangers and repercussions of breast care, particularly if it goes untreated or undiagnosed. There are also many famous women who have survived breast cancer, and through their speaking arrangements and other help, they have made a big difference in millions of women's lives. Although breast cancer can be deadly, it can also be non fatal if is treated properly. Through breast cancer awareness and education, people can learn about preventative measures, diagnostic tools, and helpful survival tips. It is very important that women of all ages are educated about the different aspects of breast cancer early in life, so they can take that information with them throughout their lifetime.

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